Sunday, October 14, 2012

CNN: "Voters in America: Who Counts?"

CNN aired a documentary in its “CNN America” series Sunday Oct. 14, called “Voters in America, Who Counts?”, by Joe Johnson. 

The documentary focused on Florida, both on attempts to escort and give transportation to minority voters to polls, and to tricky attempts in the Republican-controlled Florida legislature to make it more difficult for minorities to vote. 

The early part of the show covered a voting rites activist in the Gainveville area; she had been one of the first to enter an all-white high school in Florida in 1964.

One of the major measures is a “provisional ballot” required of new residents in  a county, when the state knows that minorities tend to be more transient.   Provisional ballots are subject to a lot of manual counting and election official “judgment”.

CNN has an account of the show, “Voter ID laws reminiscent of poll taxes”, link here

The documentary was shot mainly in counties in northern Florida, and has some impressive shots of the unusual  skyscraper state capitol in Tallahassee.

A Republican official says that accusations that the GOP needs to manipulate voting laws are themselves “racist”.

Progress Florida discusses “voter suppression bills” in the video above.

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