Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Days" takes Will and Sonny into "revelations"; Will Sonny play father to Will's future child?

On Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, NBC pre-empted its regular programming all day to cover “Hurricane-Noreaster” Sandy in the Northeast, but carried its scheduled programming on a special channel, “NBC Non Stop”, 208 on Comcast in Arlington VA (211 is NBC HD, a mirror of the regular station 4).

Fortunately, the cable stayed up (even when the power didn’t and generator was running), and I got to see Will and Sonny come to a head on “Days of our Lives”.  This was the most explicit gay scene ever on a soap opera as far as I know, and it was quite tender, and it opened the show.  (I may have missed one last week, according to TV Guide).  “Days” always introduces each of the characters (and actors) who will appear that day in the first few takes before the theme music is played.  Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith led off. The previous episode, they had been wearing Halloween masks.

Then Lucas Roberts bangs his fist on the door to Sonny’s apartment, and followed a confusing confrontation.  Will, having dressed hastily before the door opens, stalls his father off, before Lucas tells will he needs to see his grandmother right now; Will doesn’t yet know about the Alzheimer’s. 

In the soap opera world, extended family means everything.  There is no choice about the terms of endearment.  Will has a family duty. 

Then Sonny has to turn all of Lucas’s questions around in the ensuing confrontation.  Sonny seems to be the most dependable person on the show right now.

The rest of the plot has gone to shreds, with meaningless nonsense about the return of another mystery woman form the past.  And Stefano is back from the dead, just as Victoria Grayson does in “Revenge”. And Nicole has tried to frame Jennifer for a miscarriage that had happened before her fall down stairs. 
We all know what will happen.  While Will was proving himself a “man” with Gabbie, we’ll find that he got her pregnant.  (It's about time for her missed period.)  Will and Sonny can become the male couple raising Will’s child.  But Will will need a job, won’t be able to go to college. Sonny seems prepared for  instant fatherhood (from other people’s intercourse), which sounds likes the ultimate irony.  The show is making Sonny the perfect young male role model, even to be a parent. 

Good to see Blake Berris as Nick Fallon back, but the whole story of his character makes little sense to me.

TV Guide has a video embed of Will-Sonny "revelations": 

I guess Salem (supposedly in Ohio), got in on Sandy's "Halloween Blizzard".  
Picture: Hannibal Lecter ("The Silence of the Lambs"), a recent Halloween party.  

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