Monday, October 29, 2012

Does the media overhype the coming storm?

Is the media over-hyping the superstorm Sandy, posing an unprecedented threat?  Is this a one-in-a-lifetime Event?

The various networks vary as to the tone of the impending storm, with CNN having been the most alarmist.

But the particular circumstances have never happened before, where a "hybrid" storm comes on shore.  There have been cold-core winter storms do this (as in late Feb. 2010, when a snowstorm did a similar loop).

How would the media react if a major geomagnetic solar storm (with coronal mass ejections) were to occur? A Carrington-tyle  really can shut down power for months in some areas of the country. Is that the next shock to happen?

Maybe this really is 2012, of "The Day After Tomorrow", or the "purification".

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