Monday, October 15, 2012

"Homeland", "Revenge" mind the small stuff

Homeland”  has continued Season 2 with episodes “Beirut Is Back” and “State of Independence”.  What was interesting to me was the way Nicholas’s wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) gets recruited into helping run a veterans’ fundraiser at an estate.  When she says she has no experience in fundraising, she is told, “we’ll teach you how.”

I’ve never liked to be recruited into begging for money for “other people’s causes” myself (yes, they are my causes, too). But I’ve been approached before.  Once someone at Log Cabin Republicans asked if they could use “my home” when all I had was a small apartment.  Another time, I got in to a party in the Capitol (in the 1990s) where Barney Frank spoke, and I was asked, “Would you like to serve food?”

Showtime has posted an embeddable version of the Season 2 Pilot here (56 min) on YouTube.

On “Revenge”, Episode 3 was titled “Confidence”, and it struck me as rather dumb to have Declan (Connor Paolo) break into a house for “college money”.  Declan was supposed to be a good kid.  I thought Nolan was going to put him through college (maybe with ulterior motives). At least Gabriel Mann shows how you can be 40 and look 25. What a fascinating boyfriend (and "control freak" -- "Nolsoft") Nolan would make. But he isn't real. 

I think it's rather amusing that Emily can afford scuba, escape and evasion, and martial arts training in Japan. She ought to be a Navy Seal. 

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