Friday, October 26, 2012

NBC Rock Center: Lance Armstrong shaved down all these years for nothing

Thursday night, NBC’s “Rock Center” started with “One-on-One’ with President Obama, as NBC follows him for a day of campaigning.

The Romney campaign has yet to grant Rock Center to perform the same tag team exercise with Romney.
Brian Williams tailgates Obama in Iowa, and talks to Obama about the investigations on the attack on Libya.
Williams and Obama go to Las Vegas, and interview workers in the cafeteria of the Bellagio.

Williams says that when he flies at night on Air Force One, he sleeps sitting up.

Two women who knew about Amstrong’s doping talked about his intimidation of them.  One of the women compared Lance Armstrong to Bernie Madoff, in a metaphor from sports to finance. 

Armstrong has been stripped of his titles and wins, as if he had never competed.  He shaved his legs all those years for absolutely nothing.

The latest (from CNN) is that Armstrong is being pursued for all his prize winnings over the years. 

Rock Center has a link for NBC’s interview with Betsy Andreu about Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal, here

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