Thursday, October 25, 2012

PBS "Testing Milton Friedman" series airs on PBS stations

PBS subscribers will want to check out “Testing Milton Friedman” which aired on PBS Howard University Television on Oct. 25. 2012.

The best link, at “The Idea Channel” (from the "Free to Choose" network) , is here

Emily Rooney moderates, and the panelists on the “Government Control
 episode (there is also “Free Markets” and “Equality of Opportunity”) include Amity Shale, Bryan Caplan, Austan Goolsbee, and Clarence Page. 

Many ideas were discussed, including replacing Social Security with private accounts, and limiting litigiousness.

Tapes of Milton Friedman are played, and re-emphasize his idea that the federal government should be limited to its constitutionally explicit powers.

They discussed whether Friedman  would support a balanced budget amendment.

Discussions tended to adhere strictly to ideological lines.

They came back to Social Security, and said that “the real problem is that Social Security is popular”.  Same with Medicare and Medicaid.  Another comment was that young people provided the hope for reform.
The program is directed by Jack Ginay.

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