Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zakaria on CNN: "Global Lessons: The GPS Road Map for Powering America"

Sunday, October 21, 2012, Fareed Zakaria and his Global Public Square aired a special one-hour documentary,  “Global Lessons: The GPS Road Map for Powering America”.

Zakaria covered several examples of successful energy reform.  In Denmark, right after the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, the country ramped up windmill power.  In Germany, despite the cloudy climate, the emphasis turned to solar, with a law saying that power companies have to buy back unused solar power generated from collectors in homes.  France has supplied 75% of its energy from nuclear, with extreme emphasis on standardization, and has the lowest prices in Europe.

The United States has discovered the largest deposit of shale gas in the world, much of it in Appalachia. The process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) involves injecting water deep into wells to drive the gas out.  Natural gas power plants emit less than half the carbon dioxide of coal-fired plants.

The United States can slowly reduce the percentage of energy coming from fossil fuels over the next 20 years.

Speakers on the program included Tom Friedman, Bjorn Lomborg, and Amory Lovins.

The CNN link for the program is here

“Moms Matter”  and “Café Mom Studios” has a video on fracking in Washington PA (July 2012),

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