Friday, November 23, 2012

ABC 20-20: "Breaking Polygamy" shows that Jeffs still controls the FLDS from prison

On Friday, November 23, 2012. ABC 20-20 aired “Breaking Polygamy”, an examination of the FLDS church in Colorado City. AZ and some communities in Utah and Texas. ABC has found that Warrem Jeffs still has control of the cult from behind bars in a Texas prison.

The link for the show is here.

Jeffs has changed things, somewhat, reducing birthrates and kicking out far more people with no skills to be employed in the outside world.

State laws in Utah and probably Arizona are amazing lax on home-schooled children, who are taught only part of an elementary education and not taught true science or history. 

Jeffs still seems like a cult leader, like David Koresh, Jim Jones, or even the head of North Korea.
A compelling part of the report concerned an 18-year old boy adopted by a “Holding Out Help”  (link) family in a western state (probably a conventional  LDS family in Utah) and taught to read by the family.  It’s not clear if Utah and Arizona have an adult education programs to help them.

Polygamy is objected to, of course, because if causes men to be cast out of a society. 

The show demonstrates how “compulsory socialization”, when carried to extremes (here under the guise of a cult-like “fundamentalist” religious faith)  leads to totalitarian dictatorship.  Virtues (such as loyalty to family and caring for children) are perverted as some people are kicked out anyway. 

Wikipedia attribution link for Colorado City picture.  I visited the area in October 1987 and was able to see the common dorms from a distance of a few hundred feet, and see the women in pastel dresses.  

The Texas prison system cannot stop Jeffs from having communications by mail.

YouTube has a featurette, and imdb lists a 2008 film "Damned to Heaven".  I don't know if it was completed (it's not on Netflix)..  Men are told they can't go to Heaven wtihout at least three wives. That leaves two-thirds of the men stranded.

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