Thursday, November 29, 2012

Angus Jones bites the hand that made him rich on "Two and a Half Men"

I finally garnered a look at CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” tonight, given the controversy when actor Angus T. Jones (as “Jake”) broadcast his view that people shouldn’t watch this festival of potty jokes, that had made Angus rich before he turned 19 and found Christ.

A while back, there was controversy over Martin Sheen’s bad bipolar behavior and firing – he had been playing “ghost” anyway.  Ashton Kutcher joined the show (“A-plus-K”) as another Mark Zuckerberg aka Nolan Ross – and a very nice Internet billionaire from what I saw tonight, steadier than the sly Nolan from Revenge (although Nolan is more seductive, to me at least). 

But the gutter-like material is apparent as Jake, appearing on laptop by Skype, tells his dad (Charlie’s brother) Alan (Jon Cryer), in Army dress greens, that he got the “clap” and everyone could see it.  This script sounded like it came from the DADT days when straights could get away with anything in the military.  No, they couldn’t, but they acted like they could, according to more established comedy writers. 
It’s all fluffy stuff. 

Dr. Phil, on “Access Hollywood” tonight, said that Angus’s behavior was simply “unwise”.  But after all, Angus just plays  half a man. 

Here’s the site (CBS just reprogrammed all the links).  

You know, they assess chess positions now in terms of a "half pawn".  Two bishops and a half-pawn better than a bishop and knight -- that is, a half-man better,  
The flippancy of the comedy suggests that nothing really matters, that issues or matters of fairness never come in to play.  Just let the good times roll when they do. 

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