Saturday, November 03, 2012

CNN hosts discussion on how Sandy affects ability of people to vote in election; postponement even possible? (NJ authorizes electronic voting by email, fax)

CNN, at 5 PM EDT on Saturday Nov. 3, is discussing whether Sandy can cause any postponement of the election.   Don Lemon is moderating the discussion. The basic answer is, no it can’t.  But states could take longer to report.  And there could occur litigation if in some areas voters cannot get to polls at all.  The National Guard is already being called up in some areas in New Jersey (particularly) to ensure that polling places can operate with generators if necessary and even to keep roadways clear for transportation of people.

Some states could consider extending early voting because of the storms.

Lemon is also reporting that NJ Governor Chris Christie is arranging to allow electronic voting, by fax or email, by 8 PM EST Tuesday.   This is just in;  check CNN's twitter feeds for details Saturday evening; no details available as of 6 PM.  

Lower voter turnout may hurt Obama, but significant effects on turnout in states critical to the outcome (Florida, Ohio) generally are not expected.  Eastern Pennsylvania might be critical, as Pennsylvania could go either way.

Lemon also covered a story of an 11-year old girl who set up a power “café” in Hoboken NJ to help people charge their cell phones.  

Topeka KS television station WIBW has a story why, as a matter of law, the election cannot be postponed, here

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