Monday, November 19, 2012

How do those pendants on "Revolution" work, without violating the laws of entropy?

A site called “Revolution Wiki” has an inventory of the “pendants” on the NBC drama ("Revolution").  Within a small distance, the pendant enables electronic devices to work.  It seems as though some sort of amplification or transformer could extend the range of a pendant.

It’s still hard to imagine what kind of “Event” could turn off electricity, in such a manner that it could flow in the field of s Pendant, as if the Pendant were some sort of key.

It is almost as if the microwaves from an EMP attack had disabled all electronics on Earth, but in such a way that they could work if the nearby pendant reversed the past effect of the microwaves.  This would not make sense according to the laws of thermodynamics and entropy.

The wiki link is here

 In tonight’s episode (“Kashmir”) Mattheson and allies try to escape from an underground tomb underneath Philadelphia and undergo hallucinations that give the episode the feel if the film “Inception”. All the characters needed were their totems.   It’s hard to tell what level of reality you’re in.

And a women in the “revolution” claims to have invented an “amplifier” for the pendant (that’s the concept your cable company uses somewhere near your home), that works when the pendant is plugged into a USB port.  Nut maybe it’s a bomb.

Next Monday (Nov. 26) the fall season for the show will finish, but it does not look like the end of the series, or that we will know how the pendants really work.

Of course, whatever political group controls the pendants rules the world, and can impose its own ideology of “social justice” or “righteousness”.

Can someone explain what caused the blackout and how the pendants work?

I still like the concept of “FlashForward” a lot better.

Here's a Doomsday Prepper's take on the show:

I am afraid that there will be a First Big Blackout – from a solar storm.  

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