Monday, November 12, 2012

NBC affiliated consumer reporter looks at home "permanent" depilatory product; will it catch on?

On Sunday Nov. 11, NBC Washington presented consumer expert  Liz Crenshaw in “Does it really do that?”, reporting on the epilation advertised by a heat-based hair remover, “No No”, advertised with an 800 number on many cable channels, including CNN.

An older woman was shown demonstrating the product on her upper lip, neck, and even legs, and she reported that the hair grew back only slowly and finer.  So, yes, “it does do that”, for  around $300.Would this catch on with men?  I haven’t really noticed it in discos, just in a little porn.  But one or two conspicuous male movie starts (I won’t name names here) have apparently thinned out chest and arm hair this way.  Maybe they’ll  do this in public on Ellen.  It’s not joke.

Laser epilation, supposedly permanent, has been advertised by clinics since about 2000.
Sunday night, the ABC “Revenge” episode had a sequence of commercials, “The gift of revenge”(from Macy’s?) culminating in Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) gathering his employees together for a party, when there is a power outage. 
This morning, NBC Today previewed the NatGeo series “Doomsday Preppers” which I’ll look into later. 

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