Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Revolution" hints at what caused "The Blackout"

The popular NBC series “Revolution” last night (episode “The Children’s Crusade”) provided some explanation as to what caused The Blackout.

Three years before the blackout, one of the characters had worked on an invention that would provide electric power out of the air very cheaply.  But it misfired and could cut off power.  The inventor, with a pregnant wife, got a contract with DOD which wanted to own the invention.  When the wife almost miscarried, a “fibbie” approaches the couple and pressures it into selling so the wife can get into a special medical program.

It's hard to imagine what kind of invention could do this. Some sort of microwave generator?  Nano particles? 

The hint is that an element of the government wanted to overthrow it so it could impose an authoritarian “super right wing” state (which conscripts teenagers to fight in its militia – hence the title of last night’s episode) state, and then bring back the power, possibly to reimpose something like “National Socialism”.  Perhaps this will turn out to be a Neo-Nazi plot.  “Revolution” can bring the extreme Right and extreme Left together.  Both are very moralistic at the individual level, and seem to want individuals to respect “authority” and admit their own dependencies.

There are three more episodes in 2012.  It’s not clear if it resumes in 2013. 

My cable started garbling out, so I had to watch it with a high-def antenna last night, but the visual results were still pretty good. 

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