Saturday, December 29, 2012

ABC's "Back to the Beginning" Part 2, gets into the collapse of the Kingdom after Solomon, looks for the "supernatural" Ark of the Covenant

On Friday, December 28, 2012, ABC 20-20 aired Part II of Christiane Amanpour’s “Back to the Beginning”, link, another two hour segment.
The documentary picked up with the story of Moses and traced “The Land of the Bible” through the end of the period of the Kings and the capture of the Jews and their eventual captivity.

She is shown riding on modern highways in the Sinai, with a driver dressed as a Bedouin. There are serious security problems with bandits in the area.

One of the interesting controversies concern how quickly the Jews recaptured territory after return from Egpyt.  Many were disheartened by physical hardship and wanted to return to slavery.  The archeological evidence suggests a gradual settlement, as in Judges.

Somewhere during this history the Ark of the Covenant was developed, and said to have supernatural powers, to be alike a weapon of mass destruction.

Much of the documentary concerned efforts to locate the Ark today.

The documentary says that David is the first king for whom we have actual proof of his existence.  David vanquished enemies, but Solomon courted them. But Solomon’s successors would be done by “idol worship”, by the unwillingness of the people to accept personal submission to Jehovah. That might be the most startling point in the film. 

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