Thursday, December 06, 2012

ABC's "The View" previews the movie about the West Memphis Three

ABC’s “The View” presented an extended preview of the new documentary by Peter Jackson and Amy Berg, “West of Memphis”, about the gross injustice perpetrated by the mob mentality in 1993 after the savage murder of three boys.  Three young men, one retarded, were picked up and framed merely because of their interest in the occult. Prosecutors were determined to punish someone, if even the wrong people. 

The full episode can be watched here

The film starts in many theaters Dec. 14.

One of the freed men, Damien Echols, appeared on the show.  A young woman who left her life in Brooklyn and married him while he was on death row also appeared.  Damien said that there were no outdoor periods in prison; the one hour “exercise” was just removal to another cell.

If such an injustice were done to me, I don’t think I would survive.  I would simply be paying for the sins of others.  I would be gone forever because others had taken me away.  Some things you cannot make all right. 

The men were freed only by an Alford plea, rather than overturning of convictions, even though there is now solid evidence to convict someone else.

There has also been extensive tv coverage of Ken Burns's film about another breach of justice, in NYC in the late 80s, "The Central Park Five". 

Wikipedia attribution link for eastern Arkansas river lands picture.  I was there im December 1992. 

See also July 23, "The Exonerated".  

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