Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barbara Walters interviews her "10 Most Fascinating People" for 2012; Anderson Cooper explains his "second coming" (out, as gay) on "The View"

Wednesday December 12, Barbara Walters interviewed her “10 Most Fascinating People”, leading off with King David Petraeus, “The Most Fascinating Person of 2012”. Hillary Clinton follows.  Hillary said that Iran is the most dangerous country in the world. 

The basic link is here and it has a text transcript of the entire broadcast.

Walters also interviewed President and Mrs. Obama, and the president owned that taxes would grow up, and that if Congress doesn’t act, everyone ‘s taxes will go up. She also used to the show to announce the US official recognition of the rebel group in Syria.

She interviewed Ben Affleck, the director of “Argo”.  Affleck mentioned that actors sometimes sleep with directors (and so do screenwriters).  He also said that with the head shaved or buzz cut, Matt Damon had regained the title of sexiest man alive.  (Remember, in “Dogma”, Matt and Bee (who have a stage play named after them) lived together as angels in Wisconsin.)

Other interviewees include Gabby Douglas, Honey Boo Boo, Prince Harry, NJ Governor Chris Christie, Seth McFarland, and the boy band One Direction.  She showed Chris Crhistie paraodying himself on SNL and did discuss his being overweight. Christie said he would rather belong to the E-Street Band than be President. For Prince Harry, the most important observation was not his chest in Las Vegas, bu this "paying his dues" as an Army lieutenant in Afghansitan.  He had to be like everybody else then. 

On “The View” today, Anderson Cooper, and discussed his self-outing. He says he was out as gay in college, but kept a low profile (with respect to his personal life) when he became an international journalist as a young man, because he traveled in countries where gay people are often executed.  So his recent statements amounted to what I called in my first "Do Ask Do Tell" book, a "second coming".   Anderson had covered the new theory about epigenetics and sexual orientation on his AC360 show Wednesday night on CNN.

Anderson also discussed his temporary blindness in one eye after exposure to UV on a cloudy day on the ocean near Portugal.  He woke up a few hours after the exposure with a feeling of sand in his eyes.  

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