Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Days" honors PFLAG, but writers will have to get Will past an honesty crisis

Today, on NBC’s “Days of our Lives”, Will’s dad, Lucas Roberts, gave a donation to PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), in front of everyone, including Sonny.  Earlier in the Boxing Day episode, Will and Sonny had kissed under the mistletoe.  This was a three-day Christmas. 

But the plan for Will to keep his parentage of Gabbi’s baby a secret will soon fall apart. It’s hard to understand why Nick Fallon is so proud of playing father to (as Nick puts it) that “gay boy”.

Political correctness, and adventurousness, would say that the secret gets out, and somehow Sonny gets over Will’s dishonesty in hiding it from him, and that Will and Sonny raise the child as gay dads.  Sonny certainly has the business acumen to make enough money.  He seems to be the smartest character in the show (given the previous fall of Nick).

You can try the “AfterElton” blog for more, here. I wonder what this affair is doing for the show’s ratings.  Everything else going on right now is pretty silly.

On Dec. 27, Eric (*the priest) tried to get Nicole to "volunteer" at a homeless shelter to "ring in the New Year, to give his new employee "something to do" so she "wouldn't be alone".  This is an interesting take on volunteerism. 

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