Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"General Hospital" explores book authorship, publication, copyright issues today

In the DC area, “General Hospital” now comes on earlier, at 2 PM, and the story apparently has long since taken in some characters from “One Life to Live”, especially McBain (Michael Easton).  It’s supposed to take place in “Port Charles, NY”.  But “Port Charles” was at one time a half-hour soap (an offshoot of “General Hospital”) , but ended suddenly in 2004 with a woman changing into a vampire (and a tiger),  and a man marrying her and not knowing he would become a vampire, too.  (That sounds like the “Twilight” series doesn’t it. Taylor Lautner wasn’t old enough yet to be in it.)

Today, I noticed some interesting themes.  A couple (heterosexual) is having a baby with the fertilized ovum planted in a surrogate mom, who develops a rash from a food allergy.  It seems as though she is not as careful with the baby as she might be.

Another young woman has written a novel, and a businesswoman “steals” it from her.  The young woman says people write to personal expression, and the businesswoman says that people write to get published (by others) and make money.  It seems as though she hasn’t heard of Internet self-publishing or print on demand.
ABC’s link for the soap is here

As for “Days of our Lives”, I won’t rehearse the complications of Will, Sonny, Gabi and Nick – and Chad, and Sonny’s lawyerly dad right now.  I have a feeling that Will and Sonny could wind up as a gay couple raising Will and Gabi’s baby after all.  Chad (who, very tall and slender, is cute himself) is spilling the beans, although he could go to the pokey himself.  Gabi is an awful person.  Sonny seems to be the sanest and most stable character in the show.  I actually know someone who looks and acts exactly like Will.  I suppose that could be a flattering comparison.

“Days” loves to bring dead people back to life.  I don’t get how they did this with Stefano.  They’ve done it before.  Even “Revenge” does it with Victoria Grayson. 

Update: Dec. 19, 2012

"General Hospital" explores the book publishing angle further.  The mother finds the girl's revised book manuscript and objects to all the sex; but the girl says that the publisher added it to make the book sell.  The title was changed from "Love in Maine" to "Lust in Maine", with the help of Stephen King.

Wikipedia attribution link for Lake on Mt. Katahdin, ME: I climbed this far in July 1974 and encountered a peaceful black bear on the trail.  

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