Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nightline covers undercover work by Va Tech survivor Colin Goddard, and presents tight school security, maybe even arming teachers

ABC Nightline, on Dec. 19, covered two critical stories of the gun issue.

One is the suddenly increased security in schools all over the country, with Middleton Elementary School near Chicago.


The school has a system that can perform an instant background check before one enters the school.  The concept may not be so different than the TSA’s.
Nightline discussed the proposals that teachers and administrators should be armed, at least if they are licensed.  Now it seems to me that, besides the obvious possibility of abuse, it could lead to a world where you have to be capable of acting as a soldier or policeman to teach.  Wichita Falls, TX already allows teachers and administrators to be armed, and in Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell ® has made a similar proposal.  I used to substitute-teach.  I simply cannot protect others from violence, and that is not my calling.  Does that in itself mean I should not be a teacher or should not have been allowed to before?

Then Nightline covered the work of one of the Virginia Tech survivors, Colin Goddard, who appears fully recovered but has three bullets in his body.  Goddard not only works for the Brady lobby to strengthen gun control, he also went undercover and demonstrated how easy it was to buy weapons in Virginia at gun shows without background checks.
Nightline also demonstrated the relative power of military weapons (the automated M-16) and a semi-automatic based on the M-16 design.  When I was in the Army (1968-1970) I fired the M-14 (which also had Drill and Ceremonies) but not the M-16; I was barely too early for it.  I have not held a weapon in my hand since discharge from the Army. 

Piers Morgan hosted a panel discussion on CNN  on gun control tonight, and it got heated and out of control.  Conservative Will Cain tried to question whether new measures (closing the background check loophole and banning assault weapons) really worked and will work now.  

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