Monday, December 24, 2012

Piers Morgan re-interviews Rick Warren

Piers Morgan seems to be weathering the efforts of pro-gun forces to gather petitions to get him deported back to the UK. (as in the movie “Like Crazy”).

Tonight, Piers Morgan interviewed Pastor Rick Warren (a second time), for Christmas Eve.
There were a lot of juicy quotes in tonight’s interview:

“Make me famous. The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence.” He says this is based on Psalm 72.

“It’s not a sin to die rich. It’s a sin to die rich.”

“Worry says, I’m assuming responsibility God never intended me to have. “  That was an important idea in his book “The Purpose-Driven Life”. Assuming responsibility can mean legitimate fame and recognition, however. 

“Opposites attract, but in marriage opposites attack.” He discussed the practical importance of marriage counseling. 

“Love is a choice.”  He also said that Jesus commands that “we love everybody”.
Piers Morgan quizzed him again on gay marriage, and at one point Warren apologized for some uncivil remarks on an earlier show.  But he said that “moral laws in the Bible don’t change” even if ceremonial law can. “Love between two men or between two women isn’t wrong.  But it’s the sex that’s wrong.”
Morgan asked why LGBT people don’t or shouldn’t have the same rights to marry adults of their choice that straights do.  Warren seemed to sidestep the idea of a separate kind of person or “separate creation” (Chandler Burr).  But he could not explain why the Bible would regard sex between two adults of the same sex who love another wrong.  There seems to be a nebulous idea that allowing that dilutes the commitment to create and raise the next generation.  He did punt by saying that you can’t change the essential meaning of a word describing a social institution.  But he hasn't cleanly explained why people who are probably, at some biological level, brain-wired differently to respond to certain kinds of emotion should make such a special sacrifice for everyone else.  

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