Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Piers Morgan tears up guest over gun policy (tossing "insults"); Bradley Cooper "reveals" himself to Ellen

On Tuesday December 18, 2012 Piers Morgan interviewed Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America.  Earlier Tuesday, Virginia governor Robert McDonnell (Republican) had suggested that principals (maybe teachers) in Virginia schools be armed.  I had actually tweeted that to Piers Morgan.  On the show, Morgan called Pratt “stupid” at one point, and then later said, “I know about role models, and you’re not one of them.”  You let Piers Morgan interview you at your own risk.

Will Bob McDonnell go on the Piers Morgan show?  I haven’t heard “those Republicans” say much except let everybody carry their own weapons.  The GOP is suddenly mum this week. 

Dr. Michael Weiner from NYU spoke about the ominous nature of an outburst like what happened this weekend.
Mehmet Oz discussed the blog entry “I am Adam Lanza’a Mother” on CNN after AC360, with regard to the difficulty in getting mental health services for young people with certain issues, blog source link here.  Petula Dvorak had discussed the item today in the Washington Post.

Today, Ellen DeGeneres said that this was her first show since the incident, and wanted to keep it light.  She had Bradley Cooper as a guest (the world’s best looking heterosexual man), and did some dirty dancing with him.  Then Bradley, sufficiently challenged and tempted, “revealed”, pulling  apart his shirt,  then his sleeve, his pantleg for outer banks, to show three extra “nipples”.  How did he do the makeup through the hair?

Bradley did give a good explanation of his troubled character in "Silver Linings Playbook" (Movies blog, No.v 24). Ellen showed a clip from the Hemmingway book scene, and Bradley depicted his character as in dire straits with bipolar disorder, but his problems look less significant now in view of the tragedy that apparent mental illness has brought.   

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