Saturday, January 12, 2013

ABC 20-20 looks at "fakes" on social media: recalling "Catfish" and "Catch Me If You Can"

Last night ABC 20-20 covered “Internet Fakes”   – like mini Argo’s (but not Dr. Phil's "Internet mistakes) – and Nev Schulman, the younger brotherand filmmaker  in the 2010 film “Catfish”, talked about what to be suspicious of in social media.


Yaniv Schulman (“Nev” is the nickname)  is the younger man who goes to Michigan chasing love in the indie hit “Catfish” (reviewed here Sept. 24, 2010). Now 28, he looked the same as in the movie, very lean, very appealing.

Earlier, 20-20 explained the “Warrior ELI” cancer hoax, leading eventually to a Mommy Blogger in South Africa, who put together a life story from purloined photos of others, as well  as a fake Canadian Mountie supposedly having eleven children.

20-20- also presented a modern “Catch Me If You Can” a film where Di Caprio played a fake everything)  story of a 17 year old performing medical tasks on patients in Florida.

The possibility of fakes and hoaxes is indeed an Achilles heel to the idea that online self-expression should be parsed into “friends lists” and should be directed at groups of recipients.  

Picture: A "Hobbit House" in Pennsvylvania 

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