Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Days's "Sami" hosts Tournament of Roses Parade New Years Day in Pasadena

Al Roker and Alison Sweeney hosted the Tournament of Roses Parade from Pasadena CA New Years Morning.  The parade would have started at 8 AM Pacific Time.

Alison Sweeney plays the self-serving character "Sami" on the soap "Days of our Lives".  She also hosts "The Biggest Loser".  Sami may be the most notorious of all the female characters on that soap (except maybe for Nicole).

Today, the parade ended just in time for NBC's favorite soap to air on time without holiday interruption.

The parade featured an impressive float with a rotating globe and red ribbon to honor efforts to conquer HIV-AIDSs, and a particularly detailed foral work from Indonesia, with one of the largest headdresses ever made.

One float had baseball players from the Los Angeles Angels and the Washington Nationals (it looked like pinch hitter Chad Tracy  -- when will the Nats finish their 2013 signings??).

There was also a (heterosexual, Proposition 8-compliant) wedding on a float.

NBC in the Bay Area and Burbank report that people camp out all night in Pasadena rather than go to New Years parties, with link here. I skipped Pasadena on my most recent trip to CA (2011) but instead focused on WEst Hollywood.  I stayed with friends in Pasadena in graduate school back in 1967.

Wikipedia attribution link for USMC 2007 Parade element.
On Thursday, Jan. 3, Alison Sweeney appeared on "Ellen" and talked about -- you guessed it -- weight loss. 

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