Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Katie Couric show presents "The War on Human Trafficking"

On Thursday, Katie Couric (on her syndicated show “Katie”) presented Jada Pinkett Smith in a report on human trafficking, especially of young girls The show recounted horrible tales of young women sold into sexual slavery even by their own parents, in poverty or from non-democratic cultues.  The segment is titled “The War on Human Trafficking”.

The link for the show (and included video) is here.  

The show fit in to the anti-trafficking initiative of actor-producer Ashton Kutcher, who used to say, “Real men don’t buy girls.”

Katie also presented Justin Dillon, from “Make a Free World”, presenting advice about how to buy products not made with slave labor overseas.

I couldn’t find a site for this group, but there is a wired story “32 Slaves Work for Me, How About You?” by Eric Blattenberg, here.  The notion of slavery footprint is discussed.  Huffington has an article. The Huffington Post has a bio of and article by Dillon here

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