Saturday, January 26, 2013

Later Nightline covers Shaun White, and sugar daddies

I caught ABC Nightline at its later time Friday night, and was glad to see Shaun White snowboarding near Aspen, CO.  This time, he was completely covered in a black uniform, like Darth Vader.  No red hair this time,


There was also a report about the free food that Google offers its employees, and the rearrangement of the company cafeteria to make the healthful foods the easiest to find.  Doesn’t a salad with fresh beets and onions (or an Angelika “autumn salad”) look good?
And, there was also a story on rich older men almost expected to become sugar daddies for nubile young women, to the consternation of George Gilder. 

On Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon said "It isn't your fault."  That was Robin Williams's line to Matt's character in "Good Will Hunting".

I see that I had covered Shaun's appearance on NBC (winter Olympics) Feb. 17, 2010.   Shaun is now 26, old enough. Check Wikipedia.  

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