Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nev Schulman brings together an online gay male couple on "Catfish: The TV Show" (episode 10)

Last night (Monday, Jan. 28, 2013), I tried Nev Schulman’s “Catfish: The TV Show” at 11 PM EST (late, gets in the way of the news), on MTV.  I found out (the hard way) that Comcast apparently had moved the channel recently.  It was available in HiDef in the 800 series (884 in Arlington VA).

Let’s get the definition down:  A “catfish” is someone who creates a fake (“argo”) profile online using someone else’s pictures and life information, to attract romance.  The “catfish” is the perpetrator. So call "catfishing" the same as "Okie Noodling" (a small indie film from 2001) if you like. 

For Episode 10, Nev played counselor for a gay catfish situation, “Rico and Jo’Mari”.  Nev and his filmmaker friends travel to Bridgeport, CT (across a Long Island Sound ferry which I did not know exists) to meet Rico. Then they go down to Miami to meet Jo’Mari, and get the story.  Rico eventually gets over the “deception”.

What was striking was Nev’s (the full name is Yaniv Schulman)  interpersonal  and negotiating skills in handling gay dating.  The camera tended to make Nev the center of eye attention, as the most attractive person in the show, rather than the subjects. During the show, he wears a carpal tunnel support brace on his left wrist.  

Nev is always quite articulate, but there’s no classic line here like there was in the Catflish movie. Remember, “Oh, my, God: complete psychopath!”

The AP Youtube video is interesting (video is a bit dusky):

The link for the episode vide is here. Technically, the outdoor scenes look great in hi-def on the actual show (not the video above).  

It’s interesting that MTV (Music Television, owned by Viacom and Paramount Pictures)  presumably shells out travel expenses to track down and facilitate  all these online relationships. 

Nev had also appeared on Katie (Couric) Monday.  

I was last in the Miami area myself in 2004, bur I visited Coconut Grove way back in 1978. 

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