Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oprah takes Lance Armstrong's confession and "deposition"; he shaved his legs for nothing all these years

Oprah Winfrey is broadcasting her interview with Lance Armstrong in two 90-minute segments, on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 and Friday, Jan. 18, from a hotel room in Austin, TX.

The link for the show is here

Armstrong is 41 now, and looks considerably older and more weathered than he does even in tapes from 2005.

Oprah started out by asking “Yes/No” questions, like a true-false test. He said “yes” to all the questions on doping, and use various banned substances.
Armstrong admitted he had acted as a “bully”.  He “owned” the team, had the power to remove riders, although he denies he “fired” riders who wouldn’t dope.  But he admitted that it was impossible to win a ride without doping. 

Armstrong also admits suing people for telling the truth about his activities. 

Armstrong admitted that he didn’t have any feelings about doing wrong by doping, controlling others, or lying.  He felt that this was the culture, and his “momentum”.  He felt that he lived in a “winner takes all” world.  So you cheat.

Armstrong wouldn’t talk about other riders or collaborators by name.

Anderson Cooper AC360 covered the doping scandal tonight at 10 PM.  Betsy Andreu was on AC360.

ESPN has a video and partial transcript of tonight’s interview here

Armstrong had apparently been using the substances before he was diagnosed with testicular cancer around age 25.  The disease became dramatic, and he was coughing up blood before starting treatment, and he could have died.  Could the substances have caused the cancer?

I’ve made light of all this on Twitter before, saying that he shaved his legs for 25 years for nothing (even though he partook of testosterone).  

Seriously, do we have any role models any more?

Later, CNN spoke to Jeffrey Tillitson in Dallas tonight.  Tillitson had deposed Armstrong under oath, and said he wanted the $12.5 million back and that his client would sue for it.  He also expressed disgust that Armstrong would say "how could you hurt kids with cancer?" in questioning him, or question someone who had recovered from testicular cancer himself.  Yes, he really said this on CNN tonight. (Armstrong no longer heads Live Strong.)  
Pictures (mine):  downtown Austin, TX Nov. 2011;  a latrine sign at a Hooter's in Waco. TX;  how to beat a drug test. 

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