Monday, January 14, 2013

Will's secret paternity blows up today on "Days": (Are "Will and Sonny" like "Nolan and Marco"?)

Well, President Obama commandeered the broadcast airwaves at noon to talk about the debt ceiling, the last news conference of his first term.  And he must have known that “Days of our Lives” would have a corker today.

Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) and Gabi Hernandez were at the marriage altar, with Eric about to pronounce them man and wife.  (Really!).  Even before McDonald Carey could do his hourglass  speech, Chad (Casey Job Deidrick) screams that Nick is not the father of Gabi’s baby.

In the ensuing scuffle, Chad says that he thinks the father is Melanie’s kidnapper (who died in a fire).  But Will feels pressured, and breaks down and confesses that he is the father in front of everybody.

Will goes out desperately looking for an enraged Sonny, when Lucas stops him and lectures him on the responsibilities of fatherhood.  Oh, please!
The “obvious” solution is for the writers to figure out how to have Sonny and Will make up (although I don’t see how could Sonny ever trust Will) and let Will and Sonny raise the baby as gay dads.  (Sonny had a great line, “On what planet?”)  Gabi is such an awful person, she can’t be a fit mother.  How in the world did Nick fall for her?  This makes no sense.  I understand that Nick wanted the baby as his because Gabi, already pregnant, could not have Nick’s baby. 
I look back, I still wonder why “Days” ruined Nick as a character and let him become a jerk.
The only character who seems unscathed morally is Sonny.   He really is the ideal dad. And Sonny has the business smarts to get rich, Trump style. 
“Days of our Lives” is following the path of well-known English Victorian novels, with hidden and mixed-up babies.

Remember, when Will slept with Gabi, he was trying to prove to his father that he could be "a man". 
Elsewhere, on ABC’s “Revenge”, Nolan Ross and Marco seem to keep making up, and then Nolan keeps firing Marco again.  Don’t hire your boyfriend.  

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