Thursday, February 07, 2013

ABC View covers international adoption; Anderson covers gay mountain climber; "Modern Family" likes babysitting

On Wednesday, February 7, 2013, ABC’s “The View” made a case for international adoption by presenting the story of the family of Scott and Lauren Sterling, who had adopted five children from Peru a few years ago, as a “proof of faith” despite average resources, after seeing a plea online from the kids for a “mom and dad”.  The story (on the UK mail) is here.  The virtue of international adoption (which could become critical in arguing for gay adoption) has been confronted by bans from Russia and Guatemala.  

Anderson Cooper presented Cason Crane, 20, the first openly gay man to climb “The Seven Summits”, to make a donation to the Trevor Project, story here.

Crane described his planned climb of Mt. Everest. The video below is for the squeamish. 

Anderson also presented a report on Jenna Hill’s book on the Church of Scientology, which adds on to material presented on NBC’s Rock Center  (January 19, 2013). 
On ABC’s “Modern Family” (Season 4, Episode 14), “A Sight of the Opera”, Cam directs a school production of Andrew Lloyd Weber's opera “Phantom of the Opera”_  and is a good teacher with less mature children, and Dylan shows he has a way with babies.  It struck me that Reid Ewing acted the part with a bit of woodenness, but I wonder if the stereotyped “affect” was intentional from the "mockumentary" directing. 

By the way. ABC's episode viewer was having trouble streaming the picture (on all computers), which would stop or garble, even as the sound continues to play.  (Oh, yes, Reid is too tempting to look at, compared to Cam and Mitch -- so much for lookism.)  

Let me add, I recommend that the visitor peruse some of Reid Ewing's YouTube videos, particularly those related to his original "charisma" song for Modern Family, "In the Moonlight (Do Me)", which I think he owns;  also "Traffic Jam"  (on the notorious 405, where my hotel was last time I was in LA?) and "Imagine Me Naked" (still PG-13), as well as funny videos about auditioning, and "free things" in the public library (using a homonym based on his first name). He could definitely host SNL.  His short film "Inner Child" is reviewed on the Movies Blog Oct. 8, 2012).

First picture: Metro; Second: winter homelessness on Pennsylvania Ave, less than one mile from the Capitol, Washington DC.  

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