Tuesday, February 05, 2013

ABC World News espouses the virtues of renting spare rooms

ABC World News Tonight  on Monday did a report on how families help make their mortgages by renting out spare rooms.  There are websites and companies that vet renters and even provide insurance. 

The report presented a family in Montclair, NJ (where I worked for Univac  in 1973), able to make about $1000 a month by renting a room in an attic, after fixing it up.

I’m a little surprised to find that there are that many people who would rent just a room, but I did so in Indianapolis in 1970 (in two different homes) while on my first job with RCA (no longer there). 
In 1980, in Dallas, Texas, the gay community was actually looking to house Cuban refugees in “spare rooms” although that rather fizzled out.  But I actually had a previously homeless boarder in Dallas for about four months in the fall of 1980 in a condo in North Dallas. 

(Note: to play ABCNews embeds in Internet Explorer, some browser settings may have to be set to allow ABC's scripts; no issue in Firefox, Chrome or Safari.) 

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