Monday, February 11, 2013

ABC's "Revenge for Real": "The Miami Millionaire" previews the Michael Bay film "Pain & Gain"

ABC sometimes follows its episodes of “Revenge” with “Revenge for Real”, but only on air (without web playback).  Sunday night it aired an episode called “The Miami Millionaire”. I'm glad I don't live there!
This concerns the story of Marc Schiller, a Miami businessman who was targeted by organized crime in the 1990s.  He was kidnapped, tortured and forced to sign away all his wealth.  The was then almost run over and left for dead, but, unbeknownst to his captors, survived.  When the gang tried it on someone else (by inviting its way into a family’s life and then kidnapping it), Schiller assisted with the prosecution, after the police  had at first not believed Schiller’s own story.  Schiller, however, would be prosecuted for Medicare fraud and serve 46 months.

The kidnapping schemes – and the forced signing over of wealth during rendition -- seem particularly brazen to the public, although they probably happen in the world of organized crime. 

Schiller’s story is told in a book “Pain and Gain: The Untold True Story”, from Star of Hope Publishing, and will be a feature film titled “Pain & Gain” this spring starring Mark Wahlberg, directed by Michael Bay for Universal and Paramount.  Some names in the movie are changed.  

ABC has surprisingly little coverage of its “Revenge for Real” series online, compared to other shows.  There is a blog link here.

The series has sometimes been shown as 20-20 episodes. 

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