Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AC360 interviews former LAPD officer fired over his book

Tonight, Anderson Cooper on AC360 interviewed author Brian S. Bentley, who wrote “One Time: The Story of a South Central Los Angeles Police Officer”, published by Cool Jack in 1997 (the same year as my first DADT book).  According to AC360,  Bentley was fired from the LAPD for writing the book (and I’ve talked a lot about “conflict of interest” in my own authorship experience on my blogs). 
The Amazon link for Bentley (out of stock) is here.
Bentley talked about the extreme culture of antagonism toward whistleblowing, and remnant racism in the LAPD.  He said he turned his anger or difficulty into writing (as did I), not violence. 
Earlier. AC360 reported an attempt by the son of the owner of the cabin that burned with Christopher Dorner in it, who was not allowed by police to reach the family property.  No mention has been made of whether they had insurance or how property insurance companies handle incidents like this.
AC360 also reported the unbelievable support of Dorner in social media, which seems to morph more into anti-government sentiment. Dorner seems to have gone to war.  

John Miller spoke twice on AC360. The program also interviewed a couple who was carjacked by Dorner but not harmed. 
Forbes discusses a “decoded version” of Dorner’s manifesto in an article here
Television station KTLA has an original of the “manifesto” here.
AC360 will air a special documentary Feb. 28, “The Bully Effect”.  

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