Sunday, February 10, 2013

Justin Bieber hosts SNL; he definitely can act comedy

Justin Bieber hosted SNL Saturday night, Feb. 9, and probably helped keep the club population down on an otherwise festive pre-Mardi Gras weekend.

He was pretty effective as an actor in some of the skits, which rather resemble “short films”.  In one skit in the last half hour, he visits a girl friend in a home, and the girl’s brother “puts the make” on him, making comments about his larval and frankly immature  looks. 

His acting was much more effective than was that, say, of Michael Phelps a couple years ago. 

Bieber's opening was not that effective, but he did hug Whoopi Goldberg.

I’ve never been as inspired by his singing say as I am by, say, Josh Groban.

I think Bieber could lose the tattoos.  Maybe he thinks he needs them. 

The episode offered with a parody of the power outage at the Super Bowl .

I tried to record the show, since I didn’t get back until the middle.  Somehow, NBC fed the Comcast DVR interface the wrong episode (with Adam Levine, right after the inauguration).  I had to make do with NBC’s embedded playback.

The best link for the episode seems to be this.

Bieber’s opening remarks mentioned Black History Month before Valentine’s Day.

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