Saturday, February 09, 2013

NBC Washington's "Helping Hands" on Saturday mornings

NBC Washington (or NBC4) airs a half-hour segment on Saturday mornings (10 AM EST) called “Helping Hands”, with many stories of people “grabbing a hammer”.  The show (or a similar show) apparently airs in many local markets aimed at each geographical area.

In one episode on Feb. 9, someone helped a girl get displayed in an art show in Silver Spring, MD called “Pyramid”.  Part of the broadcast displayed a little of the art show. There was short film on the Academy Awards Documentary nominees list, “Inocente”, about a daughter of an undocumented worker in Southern California with a similar situation (movie reviews, Feb. 2, 2013). 

In another case, an electrician spent an entire day rewiring a single mother’s home.
And a company in Silver Spring called “Creative Concrete” built a patio for another mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome.

The show recounts one client’s daughter passing away.

But a portion of the series (apparently in other cities) was aired on the local evening news on Feb 8 on NBCWashington, a part about a finance professional in New York who left his job (in Manhattan) for a few months to personally help out victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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