Thursday, February 21, 2013

PBS "After Newtown" series continues with more science

On Wednesday, February 21, 2013, PBS Nova aired “Mind of a Rampage Killer",  as the latest “NOVA” episode in its “After Newtown” series.
The material was somewhat similar to the NatGeo “Science of Evil”, reviewed here Feb.. 17.  First, for the neuroscience. Some people seem to have weaker connections between their cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, and when these are young males, once in a while there seems to be greatly inclination to violence.

More relevant seemed to be the lack of “attachment” from parents, as shown in mammal studies.

The program then shifted to looking at a reformatory in Wisconsin, where extremely recalcitrant young male delinquents are housed.  Although the jail is draconian, there is real therapy offered. Young men have grown up without any understanding of what it means to live in a civilized society. One teen said that when he held someone up with a gun, he felt that he had power and control, something he could not get at school, where he could not compete with girls academically, or with boys from higher income or intact families (regardless of race).

This program aired at 9 PM on most PBS stations. The link is here
At 10 PM ESR, the “After Newtown” series continued with “The Path to Violence”, which examined attempts by public school systems to anticipate students who will present problems, 

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