Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PBS Frontline: "Raising Adam Lanza", tries to explain why Newtown happened

PBS Frontline aired a 35 minute film “Raising Adam Lanza” on Tuesday night, February 19, 2012.
The New York Times has an editorial saying that the writer will watch the documentary as a parent, not as a journalist , with link here.
But the main link from PBS is here.  The film was produced with the cooperation of the Hartford Courant.
The journalists interview a number of people, mostly in Newtown, who knew the Lanza’s, including a high school teacher who supervised Adam in a technology club. 

The documentary says that he had a sensory disorder where his brain could not integrate quickly what he was experiencing.  The Aspergers was probably secondary. 

The film suggests that Mrs. Lanza showed poor judgment in teaching him to use weapons.

It also says that she had been planning to place Adam in some sort of school; but contrary to popular reporting, there isn’t much evidence that Adam had objected. There was no mention of the “Doomsday Prepper” theory advocated in some of the tabloids. 

The comments on the PBS website above are well worth reading.

The film was followed by a short report on the debate on gun control in the Connecticut legislature. 

Picture: Mine, near Newtown, July 2011.  

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