Monday, February 04, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII becomes a bizarre misadventure (and maybe a warning from the Newt)

Well, the Super Bowl XLVII (47) was a good as any “movie” last night.

First, for the stage show at halftime:  Beyonce and her crew were spectacular (visually more than aurally), and I was surprised that officials allowed fans onto the field to take cell phone photos up so close.
‘Beyonce did her own live singing, to be sure, with numbers like “Crazy in Love”, “Halo”, Single Ladies – Put a Ring on It” and “Bootylicious”.  It was enough to remind me of my spate of heterosexual dating in 1972 (when the Redskins had Bill Kilmer – the Skins lost to Miami 14-7 in that year’s Bowl). 

But the game itself was bizarre.  Baltimore owned the first half, leading 21-6, and started the second half with a kickoff return of a record typing 108 yards. 
Then the lights went out.  The Super Dome looked eerie.  Then half the lights came back on.  Larry King tweeted that eh Superdome didn’t pay its light bill.  I tweeted that maybe there had been an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack and that Newt Gingrich would be pleased.  The stadium had to clear a power surge and repower all the lights.  The game was delayed 34 minutes. Afterward, we all know that the momentum moved to the 49ers  (oops – I almost typed “Orioles” – a Freudian slip from having attended Camden Yards before the Nationals returned – Baltimore owns “The Birds” and Maryland will be proud). 
The end of the game, with Baltimore taking a safety to burn time, was certainly interesting. So was the fact that the 40er’s final fourth down play didn’t draw a penalty.
I see no reason to pay thousands for a Super Bowl ticket, when you can see everything in high definition. And the sports bars were just too packed. 

I voted for Ram’s Super Bowl commercial “Farmer”, which was a bit like a short film, and an ode to conventional family life and good karma – doing the manual work and gender-specific child rearing that is not cool any more.  This was definitely a commercial that The Washington Times would like. 
The Superdome has come a long way since Oprah Winfrey said she almost vomited when reporting on it right after Hurricane Katrina. 
One other Super Bowl to remember – 2004 in Houston, when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson had their “wardrobe malfunction” at halftime.  That was a little before I would start my stint of substitute teaching

Picture: New Orleans canal, Feb. 2006, personal trip. 

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