Friday, March 08, 2013

ABC 20-20 covers the "buyer beware" problem in residential real estate

Tonight’s ABC 20-20 episode was “Inside Secrets of Real Estate Agents”, and the show presented real estate as a competitive, go-getter and manipulative business (“always be closing”).  Barbara Corcoran did a lot of the reporting, especially about homeowner staging.  I had friends in the business when I lived in Dallas in the 1980s and it didn’t seem so wild as it is now.
The film covered homeowner hazards.

The most recent controversy concerns sinkholes in Florida, including the recent catastrophe where a man fell into a sinkhole to his death while in his bedroom near Tampa FL.  The show did not show as much of the science of sinkholes (and the problems of aquifer draining and honoring mandatory insurance coverage) as have other films (including CNN and an important short film fom Vice Media on my CF blog March 6).  The report did show a contractor fixing the foundation of a sinkhole-vulnerable home for about $50000. 
The report also covered a family that moved into a foreclosure in Oregon, only to find remnants of crystal meth in the house, exposing the kids. The family had to rent another house and keep paying a mortgage, although the "as is" house was only $35000. 

Another family moved to Louisville KY and found it self constantly awakened by cargo planes from the nearby airport.

And a family in upstate New York had seriously problems when the power company expanded a nearby generating station.  Could that affect the operation of PC’s and electronics?

The link for the report from Jim Avila is here
One family lives in a cemetery, and another Doomdsay Prepper lives in an underground nuclear weapons shelter.   

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