Friday, March 29, 2013

Anderson Cooper swims with crocodiles in an African river, "paying his dues" again

Anderson Cooper paid his dues as a young man, as a reporter working in Vietnam.  He had even interned with the CIA (which I didn’t know was possible until I saw it on Wikipedia, although this fact comports with my own novel).
He also paid his dues again recently in Botswana, helping a zoologist lasso a crocodile, and then diving underwater to film them.   This seems dangerous.  Because of a weather cycle, the crocodiles were not particularly hungry, but he probably could not have escaped had they attack.  In the boat, he also helped tag them.   Cooper, 45, is a good swimmer and has previously swam with sharks to film them, and also swam on Live with Kelly a couple years ago.
The dive was shown on AC360 last night but had appeared on 60 Minutes.  It did not appear to be embeddable, but here is the url link
There was an embeddable video put up by CNN.

Curiously, videos owned by CBS were not embeddable.  I have noticed this consistently with CBS.
AC360 has covered the gay marriage debate in the Supreme Court this week like all other media (Jeffrey Toobin has done most of the commentary for CNN). Anderson himself has kept rather cool about it.  This must be an interesting time for him, since he “came out” in mid 2012.   Curiously, he has told Oprah that he is mildly dyslexic.  That’s what makes your brain scramble words as you type!  I do it all the time. 

Note:  See "BillBoushka" blog March 28 for story on litigation involving "spoilers" for ABC's "The Bachelor".

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