Monday, March 25, 2013

CNN airs biographies of Justin Timberlake, and then Beyonce

On March 24, 2013, at 8 PM EDT, CNN aired a couple of celebrity documentaries, “The Justin Timberlake Experience”, (perhaps "Triumph") and “The Beyonce Experience”.
CNN reviewed Justin’s history with Disney as a child (“Mousketeer”) in Tennessee, and gave the history of the founding of Nsync, first in Florida.  I can remember on January 31, 2001 when everyone celebrated on the Internet the fact that Justin Timberlake “was no longer a teenager”.   (More recently, they said that about Taylor Lautner.)  He was quite compelling at that age, appearing on Larry King Live and other shows, and was the most conspicuous member of Nsync (maybe Lance Bass shared the honor at times).  His appearance became more erratic after the group broke up, as he moved into acting and played roles of less wholesome (sometimes tattooed) characters in movies like “Alpha Dog” and “Southland Tales” (the latter of which was about terrorism).
On the other hand, Timberlake made Sean Parker, in "The Social Network", into a powerful character and influential on the young Mark Zuckerberg in the growth of Facebook.   

Timberlake was actually home-schooled during the last part of his youth so he could advance his singing.   This seems to have worked very well with a number of celebrities (even in classical music).  At the same time, the economy threatens arts and music programs in public schools, something celebrities can address with philanthropy.   
I do recall an appearance on NBC’s “Ellen” show where Justin played piano solo (around 2010), and I think played some Gershwin.  He actually has considerable piano skills as well as voice. 

Timberlake has also gotten interested in producing films, probably direction soon, and some sports (golf).  (Could he direct my film?)  
The best CNN link for the report is here

CNN brushed off the “wardrobe malfunction” incident at the Super Bowl in 2004; I remember that was big headlines on AOL even during the game.

“Bye Bye Bye” was a popular “puppet act” then for the boy band.  Another song, involving toy soldiers in a retail store (a “Toy Story”) , seemed to be trying to make fun of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. 

I attended an ‘Nsync “Popodyssey” concert at the Metrodome in Minneapolis on a Sunday night in late June 2001 (curiously, gay pride Sunday in Minneapolis).  The show was very athletic, with some singing from trampolines and ropes.  Curiously, security was tight (with weapons checks) entering the stadium for that show even though this preceded 9/11. 

As I noted yesterday, a music background opens a lot of other doors.  

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