Sunday, March 03, 2013

CNN: "Ben Affleck: Back on Top"

On Saturday night, March 2, CNN aired the honorarium, “Ben Affleck: Back on Top”, a one hour report on how Ben Affleck’s  career has rebounded, to the winning of Best Picture for his 2012 film “Argo”.  (CNN calls him an "auteur!) The report starts at the beginning, with his boyhood.  His career started in Cambridge MA with his friend Matt Damon, growing up  two blocks away.  Both had single moms but pretty much raised one another. They collaborated in the 1990s on “Good Will Hunting” after both had moved to California.
Ben started to “slip” and checked himself into a rehab center in 2001 (Martin Sheen drove him there).  Some of his films in the middle 00’s flopped (I thought that “Paycheck”, which I saw on New Year’s Eve before 2004, wasn’t bad).   “Daredevil” hadn’t done much for me.
His career picked up when he went back to Massachusetts and directed “Gone. Baby Gone”, casting his younger brother Casey.  (Casey Affleck and Matt Damon had made “Gerry” for Gus Van Sant, a tragic story of two young hikers lost in the Mojave Desert).  Later, Ben would make “The Town” (remember, “I’m going to hurt some people.”)

Executives from The Weinstein Company (formerly connected to Miramax) and Cohen Media Group (which prefers international films) discussed Affleck's work.  
The link for the show is here

At the Oscars, Ben said “You gotta get up” when you’re down as he accept the Oscar for Best Picture, even though he had been “shunned” for Best Director
In 2004 I saw the play “Matt & Ben” at the DC Arts Center, as put on by the Accokeekcreek Theater Group, by Mindy Kalig and Brenda Withers.  

Although both Matt and Ben are married to women, gay publications tried to make a lot of their friendship in glossy rags in the 90s.  

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