Monday, March 18, 2013

CNN report about Wayne Williams, Atlanta, and CIA strains credibility

Sunday night (March 17, 2013), CNN offered a revised special report (the original had aired in 2011) about the Wayne Williams conviction for the Atlanta Child disappearances and killings near Atlanta GA in the early 1980s. 
Williams is now in his mid 50s and was interviewed by Soledad O’Brien.

The two-hour report is significant because there are hints that the 65-inmch Williams had been trained as an insurgency specialist by the CIA, at a time when it was suspected that KGB moles lived in the United States (the series “The Americans”).

It is hard to fathom any motive for the slayings, which resemble those in the film “West of Memphis” (movies, Jan. 25, 2013).  

Williams also failed lie detector evidence.  But forensic evidence, based on unusual carpet fibers, seems questionable.

The program invited audiences to vote on the verdict.  About 69% had voted guilty, 27% “not proven”.
The link is here. The revised documentary is simply called "The Atlanta Child Murders".  CNN seems to be moving more into "formal" documentary film, similar to HBO, sometimes adapting material having appeared at festivals.   

Update: March 21, 2015
CNN re-aired a condensed version of "Atlanta Child Murders" on March 21, 2015. There is a white supremacist who could have been a suspect.  

Again, the idea that the CIA trains employees “to kill” seems to strain credibility.  

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