Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PBS News Hour updates "The Invisible War" with more on sexual harassment in the military

Wednesday, March 13, 2013, PBS World News Hour reported on the problem of sexual assaults in the military, mostly of female enlisted, and the unwillingness of commands to prosecute them (only about 190 courts martial of about 19000 reports in 2012).  A few victims were male. In the past, female Naval officers who complained of harassment were remanded to psychiatric treatment!

Sexual harassment in the military is a throwback to days when men tended to connect sexual powers to having personal authority over others – in other words, power and manipulation. Lookism matters little in the military perception of masculinity. (Sort of like characterizing a chess gambit position where "material means nothing!")  

It’s interesting that the report followed SLDN’s Annual Dinner by only a few days.

One could almost postulate, "Heterosexuality is incompatible with military service".  

The report mentioned the documentary film “The Invisible War” (June 26, 2012 on the movies blog).
The PBS Hour also reported on new efforts by Erin Brokovich in environmentalism, testing for chromium in drinking water, starting in her own town in the Mojave Desert. 

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