Thursday, March 14, 2013

Piers Morgan interviews Martin Sheen, Mia Farrow, and Craig Kielburger ("We Day") about Pope Francis

Mia Farrow and Martin Sheen appeared on Piers Morgan this evening, to discuss the humility and austere poverty of the new Pope Francis, who has certainly “broken the rules” as to security, and who lived in a simple apartment in Buenos Aries. 
The new Pope chose his own name, so "Francis" suggests humility and service.

Mia and Martin both mentioned their disappointment with the Vatican’s attitude toward gay people “as a group”, and see it as contradictory to the Vatican’s emphasis on humility.

Martin said that he would remain Catholic even without a Pope. 
Craig Kielburger also appeared.  Kielburger’s activisim to free children from slavery and his “Me to We” movement has been covered on Nov. 25, 2012 (CNN) and May 26, 2008 (in connection with Oprah).
The link for Morgan’s interview tonight is here

Vatican morality may have a “generic” point:  sometimes people need to meet needs of others as they are confronted with these needs, and people may not always have a choice about this. In a world with sustainability issues and intractable inequality, to run away from such personal challenges might seem cowardly.

Piers Morgan then shifted the focus of the debate over to gun safety.

But then he got back to Kielburger’s “We Day”.  You have to volunteer to get in.  Kielbeurger says that service (and activism through activity) is as important as education.  If you look at the world of the inner city and gang life, this could make sense.  

Mia Farrow talked about “The Two R’s”< “Responsibility” and “Respect”.  They also talked about empathy.  

Later there was discussion of the Steubenville, Ohio trial.  

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