Sunday, April 14, 2013

AC360: Kidnapped to Egypt: A Father's Nightmare"

On Saturdaym April 13, 2013, AC360 aired a documentary “Kidnapped to Egypt: A Father’s Nightmare,” about how the ex-wife of Michael Shannon schemed to “abduct” two of his sons and take them to Egypt, and then cut off the father from any access.  The father says je could not imagine that his ex-wife Nermeen Khalifa would do this.

The link for the story, by Kyle Almond, Dave FtzPatrick, and Drew Griffin, with a video interview, is here.
Egypt (like other Muslim countries) has not signed on to the Hague Convention regarding international abduction, so there wad very little the State Department could do.  The grandmother, who apparently played a large role in the scheme, was traced to California and was arrested and jailed for a time, but then was deported immediately to Egypt when on parole.  The story about how she was tracked down,  arrested and extradited to Maryland is interesting. The Baltimore Sun has an archived article about that part of the story (website url) here.

Egyptian courts have stalled and become non-responsive, maintaining that under Shariah law the husband has no custody  or visitation rights anyway.

However, CNN arranged for Michael to see videos of his sons, eleven years after he had past been raising them and had any contact with them.  The mother threatened to sue CNN, while maintaining that the boys in the video are not the sons.  

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