Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diane Sawyer interviews Amanda Knox (against the advice of defense lawyers) on ABC

Tuesday night, Diane Sawyer interviewed Amanda Knox in a 20-20 special, “A Murder, A Mystery: Amanda Know Speaks”.  Today, “Foxy Knoxy’s” memoir “Waiting to Be Heard” was published (Harper, 480 pages, a $4 million advance). 

The Italian Supreme Court reportedly has just ordered a new trial, which could not happen in the United States because of double jeopardy.  Normally, the U.S, would have to extradite her if she is convicted in absentia, but many legal experts say that it will not extradite her for a conviction that cannot happen here.
Know gave a detailed account of the day of the murder (Nov. 1, 2007), and explained her behavior at the police station, which seemed uninhibited and did not show enough respect for the victim, Meredit Kercher, in many people’s minds.
She then explained how police coerced her into confession with interrogations in Italian, an abuse which often happens, defense lawyers say.  According to the WJLA news that followed, defense lawyers have said that she should not have talked to Diane Sawyer.
The conviction of another man who rather obviously broke in to the apartment (although it would have been a difficult break-in to scale, according to Wikipedia) hasn’t closed the case against Amanda (link) .
The ABC report by Nikki Batiste, Phoebe Natanson and Geoff Martz is here

Diane Sawyer reports that visitors are outraged that the only DNA found in the room was Rudy Geude's, and that police seemed to make up stories that Amanda had washed away hers, which she could not have separated even if he had left any.  Much was made of her behavior -- "cartwheeling" and kissing the boyfriend -- just before the massive interrogations.  

I guess in my terminology, Amanda Knox has earned "the privilege of being listened to." 

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