Sunday, May 05, 2013

ABC 20-20 now on Saturday night, too: "Confessions" (True or not)

ABC 20-20 now has a Saturday night show, sometimes. On May 4, the show was called “Confessions” and comprised vignettes of a lot of different “professions”, some of them not legitimate.

Here’s a doctor confessing to his own participation in medical mistakes, It’s the “Dr. HODAD” problem, “hands of death and destruction”. 

One of the biggest problems in practice is doctors who don’t wash their hands. 

Also, there are no regulations keeping doctors from practicing when under the influence, as there are for airline pilots. 

The show also mentioned the show “Nurse Jackie”, about a chemically-dependent nurse. 

The segment also explained how hospitals design emergency rooms to force 6 hour waits, because emergency care is not profitable.

Doctors also have an enormous incentive to perform surgery even when it’s unnecessary.  Was David Letterman’s “emergency coronary bypass” in 2000 really necessary right then?

I say, don’t go to the doctor. You might not come home. 


20-20 also has a page “How to survive a mass shooting”. 

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