Saturday, May 11, 2013

CNN AC360 offers panel discussion on child abductions ("Vanished"): 20-20 covers Cleveland victims

On Friday, May 10, AC360 (Anderson Cooper) aired a special edition of his show, a panel discussion about the kidnappings of children over the years, with particular emphasis on the Cleveland case with Ariel Castro, called “Vanished”, link here
There was one case of a young man who had been missing for 24 years.

John Walsh, from America’s Most Wanted, appeared and explained the psychology of how such criminals develop, with the gradual evolution of intricate strategies to carry out double lives and hide their crimes, which are often not detected until they are in their 40s or 50s.
Several mothers and panelists talked about the duty of ordinary citizens to act when they notice unusual situations in their neighborhoods.

Had I been the person hearing the screams in Cleveland, I would have of course called 911 from a cell phone and waited in a safe place for police to arrive. But I would not have entered the property myself and tried to break a door down and aid an escape physically.  I’m not prepared for combat. 
ABC News covered the return of the young women home on 20-20 Friday; story by Mark Mooney, 
Barbara Lowe, and John Haskell, link here
It’s been a gruesome three weeks of news coverage (including Jodi Arias).  Let’s hope we can get back onto a happier track soon. 

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