Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Days of our Lives" puts "courage" in a gay relationship to the test; Will Horton character appears to have been killed -- but then pulls through

Well, the writers at “Days of our Lives”  (NBC- Corday) are playing up the “gay anthropology” theme for all its worth, and ended Monday’s  show (May 20) with Will Horton (the world’s cutest man) in dire straits, hiding out of sight in a cabin from a con threatening Nickie.
The improperly released convict has kidnapped Nick and Gabi.  But he went out for a moment after tying them up.  Will and Sonny had followed them to “The Cabin in the Woods” (without the help of Lionsgate).and gotten Gabi freed.  Sonny escorted Gabi out into the woods, and at the end of the show, Gabi was about to have her baby, with Sonny about to deliver it. 
If there was ever a case for gay dads, that’s it.

The biggest danger is  that the convict maims Will today, and Sonny’s commitment to him would be tested through crime.  Sonny could wind up raising the baby. 

What a moral cyclone.

There’s a “risk” that some of the episodes this week will be pre-empted by speeches and press conferences from President Obama and from disaster coverage from the tornadoes. 

The shows can be watched online the next business day here

But I wish the major networks would run pre-empted shows on alternate cable channels.  In Washington DC, NBC4 could use its channel 208 for shows that get pre-empted and aren’t “made up”.  Why don’t the networks do a better job of getting all their episodes aired?

By the way. "Days" is all over the map.  Statesville is in North Carolina.  But many of the places mentioned in the soap in the past seem to be in Ohio, the heartland.

Update: Later Tuesday

The middle portion of the broadcast today was pre-empted EDT by an Oklahoma tornado update on all the major networks.  During that portion, apparently Will tried to coutnerattack in the shed and was shot by Jensen.  (The episode will be available tomorrow online.)  It does appear that Hope has apprended Jensen right at the end of the episode and that Nick is safe.

The spoiler available online appear to suggest that Will has been killed and is gone from the show as a character.  The spoilers are fragmentary and may not be reliable, as soaps have a way of bringing characters back to life.  But at this point, it appears that Chandler Massey's role as this appealing character may have come to a tragic end.

In the meantime, Sonny appears to have delivered Gabi's baby.

There are no victims, no heroes.  There is reality, and there is grace.

Update: Wednesday

A typical cliff-hanger, and NBC-Corday took advantage of incomplete spoilers to surprise us.  Will pulls through the emergency surgery, and in the final scene today Will and Sonny are together as Will recovers. The script mentioned the hospital visitation issue for gay couples (without marriage or specific domestic partner legislation).

Sonny has delivered Gabi's baby.

YouTube calls Will and Sonny "the happiest couple in Salem".

It sounded like some music (orchestral) from one of Verdi's operas played in the last moments today.

Update: Wednesday May 29. 2013

Nick takes the baby to Will, who wakes up with the opportunity to hold the baby with Sonny at his side..  Sonny said that, regarding childbirth, the mother does all the work.

Update: May 30

At the end of the episode, with Lucas in the room, Will fell back asleep, and the camera focused (dwadling gratuitously)  on the inactive medical monitor.  I hope isn't an ominous sign.  Medically, there is no reason why he would get into trouble now.

Blake Berris showed real acting as he demonstrates Nick's remorse in facing his wife about what happened to him in prison.  

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