Saturday, May 18, 2013

NBC Rock Center: 911 Phone operator in Dallas tells her side of story in Deanne Cook slaying

NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Willimas has covered some cases of domestic violence, especially in Dallas.  Friday May 18, NBC covered a case where police failed to respond quickly to an emergency in the Oak Cliff area and the 911 operator was made a scapegoat.  The operator explained that she followed instructions, coded everything according to the book, and could not hear everything given the bedlam in the surroundings.  Police took a break on the way to the house, Later the Mayor of Dallas spke about the case.
This was the Deanne Cook case.  Kate snow reports.  The operator gives her side of the story.  Could individual 911 operators be held legally liable?

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I lived in Dallas 1979-1988 and I don’t recall much attention to this problem then. 

The NBC report showed the "upsidedown" Dallas City Hall.  

By the way, Dateline’s videos have been preceded by commercials for the Windows Phone (or sometimes for Bing).  No direct criticism o f Microsoft, but an actor had to ruin his chest to make this commercial. 

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